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Professional zoologists working on ecotourism, environmental education, environmental consultancy and research.

Ecotourism and scientific research

K’ Nature is a company of zoologists with years of experience in the field of scientific research and ecotourism, that organize expeditions in Italy, in Europe and worldwide, workshops and nature experiences for schools and offers environmental consultancy services.

Documentaries are no more enough for you? Discover the natural wonders directly on field together with professional zoologists!


Wildlife watching and photography tours in Europe and worldwide

Berlin & Brandenburg: birdwatching tour

Birdwatching trip among the urban parks of the German capital and some of the most interesting natural areas of Brandenburg.

Kerkini: the Pelicans’ paradise

A weekend of exploration of one of the best European sites for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

Andalusia: the Iberian Lynx and the wonders of Doñana

A tour focused on the observation of the Iberian Lynx and to discover Andalusian biodiversity (birdwatching & herping).

Outdoors weekends

Nature weekends in Italy to discover its biodiversity and rural traditions

September 2021
from 330€
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Abruzzo: mammal watching weekend

A weekend to discover one of the wildest regions of Italy, focused on the observation of Mammals, birdwatching and exploration of the PNALM.

September 2021
from 330€
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Tuscia: birding weekend

Three days north to Rome to discover one of the wildest area of Lazio region, during which we will dedicate ourselves to the observation of one of the most interesting birdlife communities of central Italy, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

1-3 October 2021
from 350€
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Ventotene Island: birding weekend

A weekend focused on birdwatching and island traditions in one of the most important Italian sites for migratory birdlife.

Day trips

Birdwatching, photography and trekking experiences in natural and urban environment

Summer 2021
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Nature trekking: in the heart of the Valnerina – Mount Aspra

Excursion in the heart of the Valnerina focused on the observation of wild Orchids, herpetofauna and birdlife and on the tracking of Mammals.

On request
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Sardinia birdwatching day trips

Private birding tours in some of the most interesting areas of the region.

June 2021
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Nature trekking: Cesi and Martani mountains

Hike in search of the most symbolic species of central Apennines’ flora and fauna.

Species observed in our tours









Birding Napoli

The city of Naples with its view on the Mediterranean Sea, its cliffs and its urban parks counts, along the year, dozens of different species of birds, offering excellent opportunities for urban birdwatching. A few kilometers from the city, there are many areas where you can successfully practice this activity, such as the Phlegraean Fields, the islands, the Vesuvius National Park and the coastal wetlands.

Birding Rome

The Eternal City, despite being one of the most populous metropolis of Europe, has multiple areas with a high naturalness. The historical gardens, the archaeological sites and the banks of the Tiber represent the ideal habitat for numerous species of birds.
Not far from the urban center, sites as coastal wetlands, Tolfa mountains and Tuscia, are of great interest for birdwatching.

Tailor Made

Can’t find the experience of your dreams? Do you want to observe a particular species or visit a specific natural park?
We can create a 100% customized and personalized tour!

Not only ecotourism

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Our zoologists

The added value of K ’Nature lies in the passion and preparation of its members, who have transformed their boundless love for animals and nature into their profession through study and specialization courses carried out in different countries of the world.

Bryan Minne – Belgium
Herpetologist and owner and founder of H.E.R.P.

“The minds and muscles behind K’ Nature have been long term friends of ours. We’ve been out into the field with them years before on several locations and were humbled by their natural enthousiasm and knowledge. When they told us they were starting up their own nature tour agency in Italy, we knew it was going to be a work of art!

In short, the guides from K’ Nature are the BEST when it comes to herping, birding, mammal watching and botany in Italy. Friendly, fun, professional experts with a profound knowledge on all things Nature. We are proud to call them our partners and honored to call them our friends.”

Frank Gaude – South Africa
Owner and founder of Kapexkursionen – Cape Town

“I had a wonderful time on a 1-week tour through the mountainous areas of Southern Italy. Whilst the focus was on herping, and Valerio’s knowledge of reptiles and amphibians greatly aided to finding so many species of this target group, I really appreciate his insider knowledge of the broader ecology of this beautiful area. We saw amazing landscapes, flowers and animals but hardly other tourists. Very special!”

Christopher Brochu – USA
Professor – Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences University of Iowa

“I had a great time during Birding Rome day trip! Thanks to your guide I observed a lot of species, including some lifer. I will definitely reccomend you to my colleagues who might travel to Italy in the future!”

Ralph Bialy – The Netherlands
Wildlife photographer

“If you really want to experience the best that Italy has to offer when in comes to nature you should contact them! I had an amazing time and saw more then I expected! Fantastic job! And a big thank you!”

Luisa De Risio – England
Head of research at Linnaeus Veterinary Ltd

“Following a 4 day tour in Abruzzo in late August, I’d like to thank K’ Nature and particularly Valerio for his professionalism, kindness and flexibility. The areas we visited were quite busy at that time of year, but Valerio always managed to take us on fantastic trails where we were the only “human guests” of the stunning natural world of Abruzzo. The approach to nature was always responsible and respectful. His knowledge and passion for wildlife enabled us to deeply enjoy the natural world and learn numerous interesting facts about the very special animals that inhabit and visit on migration the Abruzzo National Parks. Thank you Valerio for an unforgettable experience! I hope to be able to be back on one of your tours soon.”

Giorgio di Gennaro – Italy
Wildlife photographer

“Finalmente ho trovato i tour adatti alle mie esigenze! Sono appena tornato da un’entusiasmante spedizione naturalistica in Andalusia dove ho vissuto un’esperienza indimenticabile con i giovani zoologi di K’ Nature, seri, preparati, flessibili e anche simpatici. Mi sono immediatamente iscritto al prossimo viaggio a Kerkini e quindi non credo vi sia altro da aggiungere.”

Latest News

Reports of our activities, news from the world of Natural Sciences and much more

Birding Rome: late August among nesting and migratory birds

A birdwatching morning between “Centro Habitat Mediterraneo” LIPU and Castel di Guido reserve.

Birding Naples: Enjoying the migration on the Litorale Domitio

Report of the last private birdwatching tour departing from Naples.

Birding Rome: a wildlife excursion north of the Eternal City

Short report of the birdwatching half day trip between Veio Regional Park and Lake Bracciano.


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K’ Nature is and idea funded by “Resto al Sud”, government incentive by Invitalia.