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Hungarian wildlife artist of international reputation, Szabolcs Kókay has been into nature and birds since his childhood. He began his career working in Nature Conservation (Birdlife Hungary, Hungarian Ministry of the Environment, CITES) but he decided to be a full-time artist and illustrator in 2001. He has published his works in many world-famous handbooks and field guides, gaining a wide audience and winning several international art competitions (British Birds ‘Bird Illustrator of the Year’ award, Birdwatch ‘Artist of the Year’). Although, during his career, he experienced several painting mediums its favourite has always been watercolour. He works mainly directly from life en plen air, spending on field as much time as possible. He travelled the world looking for new subjects and locations with expeditions from Trinidad, to Uganda, to New Zealand.



Davide De Rosa is an ornithologist expert in ecology, bird migration and population dynamics, especially in Southern Italy and Sardinia. During his PhD he worked on the Lanner Falcon and the Red Kite and on the impacts of climate change on bird communities.
Davide is a bird bander, who has collaborated in several birdlife monitoring and bird ringing projects in Italy and abroad (Morocco, Scotland and Norway).
In recent years he has worked in the Life Under Griffon Wings and in other projects in Sardinia. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the Sardinian territory and its fauna, together with Ilaria Fozzi he published the book “Where to watch birds in Sardinia”, leading birdwatching tours throughout the region.



Graduated in Natural Sciences and with a great passion for hiking and nature photography, he has been collaborating with K’ Nature since 2018 as Endas Mountain Hiking Guide.
He generally leads naturalistic expeditions on the main mountain groups of Campania, especially on the Picentini Mountains, of which he knows in depth the territory and naturalistic peculiarities.
His excursions are focused on the search for characteristic plant and animal species from an ecological and conservation point of view, on environmental awareness and scientific dissemination. He also organizes nature photography workshops.



Born in Italy, Riccardo graduated in Zoology and holds a master’s degree in Biodiversity conservation in England. Research and studies have brought him to distant countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Uganda. His great passions are photography, Entomology and Herpetology. For years he has been practicing macro photography focusing on Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects. During his excursions you will learn to recognize different species of flora and fauna and take advantage of his advice on macro photography applicable directly in the field.

Riccardo Alba


Riccardo grew up in close contact with Nature, approaching the birdwatching world at the age of 10. He undertook a three-year degree in Natural Sciences and then continue his studies with the master’s in Environmental Biology, graduating in both with full marks at the University of Turin. Ornithology is his great passion, in particular he studies the alpine ecosystem and the ornithic species connected to it, in a context of climate change. He is currently a member of the EBN Italia Torino Birdwatching group and of the CISO (Italian Center for Ornithological Studies), thus managing to combine his passion for birdwatching with the rigor of scientific ornithological studies.



Marco Basile is a researcher in the field of forestry and ecology. His research has interspersed several taxa, mainly Birds, but also Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals. His passion for birds banding led him to work in various regions of the world, including Canada, Mexico and Cameroon. At present he is studying the forest birdlife between Germany and Italy.


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