K’ Nature, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired over years of experience, offers workshops in classroom and experiences in nature, modeling the didactic offer according to the type of class and the needs of teachers and students.

The activities can be thought of as single or as a training course developed over several meetings, in the classroom and outdoors.

The main goal is to bring students closer to the environment and to the wonders of biodiversity. The knowledge of animals and plants, as well as of the world around us, in a period in which species and habitats are everyday more threatened, can allow to train young adults with a greater sensitivity towards the natural world. Our experiential activities, at the same time formative, sensorial and playful, will facilitate the understanding of the concepts addressed during the school year by integrating with more specific details concerning the natural world.

During the workshops and excursions, the students will be motivated to take a positive and respectful attitude towards nature, understanding that every organism and every natural process is useful for the delicate balance of planet Earth.

The meetings, held experts, will also help to overcome unjustified repulsions towards the animal world and dispel negative popular beliefs towards totally harmless species.

For all the schools fascinated by the Natural World, K’ Nature, in collaboration with its partner Mama Tours srl, organizes school trips to areas with the great historical and naturalistic value in Italy, tailor-made according to the needs of the teachers. In these multidisciplinary trips lasting several days, students will have the opportunity to relate not only to the environmental characteristics, but also to the history and traditions of the visited areas. The main goal of K’ Nature school trips is to bring students closer to the environment and to the wonders of biodiversity and Italy represents the perfect place where to achieve this goal while living an unforgettable adventure!

Among the many destinations proposed here some examples: North-eastern Sicily, Pollino National Park, Apulia and Matera, Abruzzo National Park, Ventotene Island, the volcanic areas of Campania.

Furthermore, for high schools, we offer numerous trips to the most fascinating European destinations (Spain, Greece, France, Holland, etc.) which will always have nature as the main theme around which all activities will develop.

The fares of these trips will be agreed on the basis of the destination, the period, the duration, the activities included and the number of participants.

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