K’ Nature offers environmental consultancy services such as:

  • Census and monitoring of fauna
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Habitat restoration
  • Management of protected areas

Over the years, K ’Nature’s members have accumulated numerous monitoring experiences of different taxonomic groups, with different techniques, in different environments and geographic areas of the world.

The taxa studied include all the categories of Tetrapod Vertebrates (Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals).

The study areas include both European (Italy, Spain, Portugal) and non-European (Peru, Guyana) countries.

During the research activities, the partners collaborated with public and private institutions such as:

Vrijie Universiteit Brussel, Unimol, Umib, Ispra, Italian Ministry of Environment, Biosfera Consultoria Medioambiental, WWF Oasi, Lipu.

The scientific research, census and monitoring works were carried out using the following techniques:

  • Visual Census (Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals)
  • Drift Fences and Pitfall Traps (Amphibians, Reptiles)
  • Dip Netting (Amphibians)
  • Visual Census
  • Acoustic census for spontaneous singing (Birds)
  • Acoustic census through playback (Anurans, Birds)
  • Capture recapture via mist net (Birds)
  • Installation and monitoring of nestboxes for cavitary species (Birds)
  • Camera trapping (Mesomammals and Carnivorous)
  • Analysis of feces (Mesomammals and Carnivorous)
  • Capture, marking, recapturing with the use of mesh traps (Pyrenean Desman)
  • Wolf howling

The company has, at its disposalextremely high quality material for the monitoring and census of wildlife including optics (spotting scopes and binoculars), photo traps, cameras, drones, bat detectors.

Finally, the partner Luca Russo is one of the few technicians in the sector in Italy to possess the category B certificate of competence (Directive 2010.63.EU) for the handling of animals.