Andrea Senese

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Zoologist specialized in Ornithology, Andrea Senese is the co-founder of K’ Nature.

Passionate about animals since birth, in the early years of high school he approached the world of birdwatching and nature photography, starting to plan his holidays in places of naturalistic interest, both in Europe (Camargue, Finland, etc.) and abroad (Kenya, Mexico).

Its passion that leads him to attend the Faculty of Nature Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples, graduating in the bachelor with the thesis “Distribution and ecology of the woodpeckers in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park” and in master with the thesis “Census of breeding pairs and wintering individuals of the Red Kite( Milvus milvus) in Italy“.

During his university studies he participates in multiple training courses concerning birdlife and environmental education, coming into contact with numerous professionals in the sector, including the ornithologists of Ardea Onlus, with whom he begins to collaborate in research projects in Campania. In 2009 he obtained the status of IWC detector (International Waterbird). Furthermore, in 2010, he attended courses in Ornithology and Herpetology at the Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana UNAP (Iquitos, Peru), expanding his knowledge about the neotropical fauna.

For more than 10 years, with ISPRA, Lipu, Italian Ministry of the Environment and Societas Herpetologica Italica, he actively participated in wildlife monitoring projects in Central and Southern Italy, including “Piccole Isole”, bird ringing project for scientific purposes in Ventotene, Asinara and Zannone. In addition, in recent years he has been a surveyor in the census of wintering aquatic birdlife (IWC), of the nesting birds within the project “The Farmland Bird Index Indicator in the RDPs 2014-2020” and in the census of marine birdlife in Campania. In 2018 he participates in the monitoring of the species of Amphibians and Reptiles included in the Habitats Directive.

He also works in the field of environmental education, collaborating with the WWF Oasis “Cratere degli Astroni”, providing written and photographic contributions on monographs, articles and newspapers and participating with his shots in photographic exhibitions.

His strong interest in all forms of life and travel drives him to want to raise awareness of people of all ages on issues such as biodiversity and its conservation, urban nature, zoogeography.

For this reasons he started to collaborate with the travel agency Mama Tours srl in wildlife tours and birdwatching weekends in Italy and Mediterranean Europe, and especially to develop the idea of K’ Nature together with colleagues and longtime friends – Valerio and Luca – beginning this adventure in the field of ecotourism, education and environmental consultancy!

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