Turin and Piedmont birding day trips

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  • Tour leader Riccardo Alba

Piedmont boasts countless spots of naturalistic value where you can observe wild birdlife. Thanks to its geographical position and a great variety of natural and rural environments, in fact, about 380 species of birds have been registered, including nesting, wintering, migratory and accidental birds.

Among the many species are included the Rock Partridge, the Bearded Vulture, the Pygmy Owl, the Rock Thrush, the Moltoni’s Warbler and the Ortolan Bunting. In any case, any period manages to reserve surprises and unique emotions.
Join a local professional ornithologist for a private birdwatching day trip departing from Turin!

Here are some of our offers. These itineraries are designed for birdwatchers, photographers and for all nature enthusiasts and are fully customizable (if you have particular target species do not hesitate to tell us!).

Mountain environments are global biodiversity hotspots with a high rate of endemism and species that have evolved in particular environmental conditions. Exploring the Piedmontese Alpine valleys we will have the opportunity to observe unique species that can only be found in these habitats, including partridges, birds of prey and mountain Passerines.

Ricefields form a peculiar agricultural landscape particularly appreciated by the aquatic birdlife. In spring, hundreds of waders and other migratory species use these environments as a stop over site during their long journey. Other birds, on the other hand, such as the European Bee-eater and the White-winged Tern, nest in the Vercelli area and others suck as the Red-footed Falcon can be observed in spring.

In winter, many bird species go south to spend the coldest months in southern Europe. The great Piedmont lakes host large numbers of aquatic birds every year, including gulls, divers and ducks, as well as some Passerines linked to the reedbeds and riparian woods.

The Piedmontese Apennines is one of the few places in the region characterized by a Mediterranean climate. In this area it is possible to observe both species linked to the scrub environment, such as the Sardinian Warbler and the Moltoni’s Warbler, and other interesting species such as the Tawny Pipit and the Red-legged Partridge.

Half day trip among the urban parks of Turin to observe dozens and dozens of species that find refuge along the river banks and in the city’s tree-lined areas. In addition to the most common Birds, with a little luck, it will be possible to spot rare and elusive migratory and wintering species.

Our tours respect all anti-Covid19 measures.

Rates vary based on the number of participants, tour duration and distance traveled.

Contact us to request a fully customized quote with scientific accompaniment, support material for observations and transport. Meals and/or food and wine tastings can be added on request.

Can’t find the experience of your dreams? Do you want to observe a particular species or visit a specific natural area?
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